The 77 Year Old Kite Surfer

New Kiteboarding Trick Named: TACK FLIP
May 1, 2015
kitesurf wipeout compilation/fail
May 9, 2015
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This is the first in a 3 part series, and we have to say we are looking forward to the next 2, this Gent is truly an inspiration to us all. We hope we are still hitting the water at his age, being one with nature riding with thew wind and the waves. Peace nice one Dave we LOVE you.

David is a 77 year old kitesurfer who absolutely defies the stereotypical view of a pensioner. After the unexpected and tragic loss of his wife, David makes the decision to live every moment to the fullest, and through this finds solace in kitesurfing. This is the story of David, and how life on the water has given him a much needed escape and feeling of freedom when needed most.
From Alex Knowles, James Callum, Keeping it real,@ Prime and Fire productions

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