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2016 AIRUSH – Due in stock August 10


The 2016 Airush Team Series Range introduces a completely fresh look along with extensive technical upgrades and innovations.

For the first time, we present the range in collections, where each has their own visual identity while being aligned with key technologies. This presents a long-term idea of developing the different directions the sport can evolve towards, as kiteboarding embraces such a diverse range of people and riding experiences.

The Team Series Black showcases our premium Freestyle and Wave product, with a completely fresh visual direction inspired by subtlety, details and texture. This Series also focuses on premium materials for lightweight competition oriented product.

The Team Series Reefer showcases our desire to connect more strongly with our environment and reflect the values of pushing your riding boundaries for your own gratification. This is reflected in the use of natural materials and an optimization in the board range towards maximum durability.

For the Diamond Series we worked closely with PKRA contender Bruna Kajiya, to create a collection that offers an extremely versatile range of products with female specific technical and visual attributes.

The Race and Light Wind Series encompass a range of products designed with flat water and lighter wind conditions in mind. Taking you from 6 knots, whether you are blasting around the racecourse or boosting massive airs along with everything in between.

We believe you can find the perfect product in these collections to take your riding to the next level and carve your own path. We are as amped as ever to share in our passion for design and kiteboarding with you into 2016.

The Airush Collective

The 2016 Airush looks sick !

2016 Airush









Airforce is currently recruiting 2016 Airush brand reps if you think you fit the bill please forward your proposal to the managment.

Successful applicants will receive up to 50% discount on your respective kitesurf equipment, spaces are limited to one representative per brand per location. There are also opportunities to earn commission on direct sales.

What we are looking for ?

– You don’t need to be a pro rider, however we need to know and see you are at the beach whenever the wind is on promoting our brands and the Airforce website/kite shop.

– You need to have a good approachable personality with excellent knowledge on the equipment/brand you are representing for us.

– To maintain your beach rep status we expect our crew to sell a minimum of 3 kites and boards per season each

– We ship worldwide so if you are located outside our current spots please contact us with a proposal of how you can promote our store for review by the management.

Contact us via email for pre orders.The Airforce website will be updated with the new 2016 AIRUSH products over the next few weeks.

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