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Wirral Kitesurfing School
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August 14, 2015
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August 21, 2015
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#1 Wirral Kitesurfing Shop Updates

Wirral kitesurfing school

Wirral kitesurfing school


Airush Wave 2016 Kitesurf Kite now available from your Wirral based kitesurfing school and shop



The 2016 Airush Wave Kite introduces a new level of refinement for this groundbreaking design. The unique design was engineered specifically for the wave enthusiast, this enables the kite to fly forward in the window when required, keeping the rider deep in the pocket, steering immediately no matter where it is in the window, then sitting back and drifting in the turns when more stability is required.

Refinements in the chord length, wingtips and canopy layout make for a smooth power delivery and fluid steering consistent across the range, while the V3 bridle system maintains even tension throughout the kite enabling perfect steering even when depowered and sheeted out. The next generation Aramid Load Frame takes the biggest innovation in kite construction to a whole new level and is combined with the Technoforce D2 by Teijin, for the ultimate mix of durability and lightweight performance. For wave performance, this optimised weight is essential for improved drift stability, while the load frame makes all the difference when additional durability is required.

The Wave responds perfectly to rider input and allows you to get into the perfect position on the wave, no matter what the wind conditions, taking your riding into a new realm.

Dedicated Wave performance
Precise steering
Superb drift characteristics.
D i s c i p l i n e
– Multidiscipline (wave, freeride and freestyle!)

K i t e . t y p e
Medium aspect bridled C, 4 line.

D e f i n i n g . C h a r a c t e r i s t i c
– Handling. Widely regarded as one of the most advanced handling kites in the industry. It’s epic round corners.
– Fast, forward turning (so it never looses power in a turn),
– Turns equally well on full power as it does on full depower.
– Added to this is an enormous wind range in 9 and 12 for riders up to 85kg.

C h a m p i o n e d . B y
– Many high level riders who want a kite that has speed, range efficiency and multi discipline ability.
– Though called wave the 12 and especially 9 are addictive boosting machines.
– They surge forward well (good for freestyle – really…) and fall back well under slack lines for great low end and total stability drifting.
– Wave riders love these kites, but a huge number of lighter twin tip freeriders also love them as faster multi-discipline kites.
– Best suited to 50-85kg riders as the profile of the kite is quite fine.

B a r . P r e s s u r e
– light to medium – Adjust-ability on the bridle attachment points

T u n i n g / s e t u p . o p t i o n s
– Bridle adjustment for bar pressure, – Speed / throw adjustments on the trailing edge.

C o n s t r u c t i o n . F e a t u r e s
– Features Tejin’s Technoforce D2 (regarded by all in the industry to be the finest fabric)
– Full Dyneema load frame that has a track record of not only reducing stretch, improving forward turning ability, but also preventing all front to back canopy splits on impact.
– Full one pump system with additional shielding,
– Over sized inflate/deflate valve,
– Plus the hugest level of strength to weight engineering in the Airush range – no expense spared.
– A construction that is regarded as the finest in the industry – very expensive and unparalleled.

B a r . O p t i o n s
– Core 4 line (best for line length adjust-ability which is very handy on these kites) – Or the analogue bar to reduce cost.

S i z e . R a n g e . C h a r a c t e r i s t i c s
– The 12 and 9 are almost identical in feel, and are the reference sizes in this range.
– For 60-80kg the 9m is so quick, powers round corners so well and has handling that is indistinguishable on full depower to its handling on full power that in capable hands it’s sweet spot is utterly enormous.
– The 12 is similar, but trades a little extra low end power for top end efficiency and has a slightly smaller sweet spot overall. Handling is very similar though.
– The 7, 6 and 5 feel a lot quicker than the 9 and are centred more on wave riding (getting around a wave-break fast) than general freeride use (boosting and freeriding).

W h y . t h i s . k i t e . i s . b e t t e r . t h a n . o t h e r s . i n . t h e . i n d u s t r y ?
– The 9 and 12 are unparalleled in performance – such a direct, intuitive, fast but precise kite. Smaller kites are more wave focused than freeride but awesome weapons for cutting chunks out of waves in high winds.
– They are easy, addictive and highly renowned multi-discipline kites for advanced riders.
– Plus it’s backed up by us, so your service is assured!


Click the link below to order your 2016 Airush gear from our online store


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