Wirral Kitesurf School Update

Wirral kitesurfing school
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August 20, 2015
August 22, 2015
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Wirral Kitesurf School Update

Wirral Kitesurfing School

We received some positive info yesterday from the sources that be and hopefully in the near future we should have a solution to the current problem of kitesurf tuition being prohibited on the Wirral.


Unfortunately with the current season drawing to a close we will not be able to teach in 2015 as the current hold on issuance of licenses prohibits that for insurance purposes.


However with all our criteria pre accepted and our unblemished record, paired with our adherence to the current issues regarding local government reshuffling. Airforce kitesurfing is expecting an imminent resolution, so 2016 will see our Wirral kitesurfing school back up and running.


North West Kitesurfing 2016

Airforce is expecting next season to be an exciting year. Not only with us being back up and operational on the Wirral peninsular @ New Brighton and West Kirby. We will be adding 2 or possibly 3 new locations to our teaching venues across North West England, stay tuned for further notifications. Along with our new online kitesurf store and new locations we are super excited to be able to offer again the levels of sevice Airforce students have become accustomed to over the years.


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